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    Block from accessing a Thank-You page/confirmation page directly

    Heather Ohlig

      Can I block people from accessing to the Thank-You page/confirmation page directly?


      I created a landing page with a form in Marketo. After filling up the form, people should go to a confirmation page. However, people can share this confirmation page with others directly. So other people can see the confirmation page without filing up my form. Is there a way to prevent people accessing to the confirmation page directly?


      Thank you very much!

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Heather,


          There is no bullet-proof possibility to block this. There 2 reasons why this can be an issue:

          • The follow-up page is used to count conversions in Google Analytics. You should consider moving to Analytics events fired when the form is posted, using the forms 2.0 API
          • The follow-up page is used to deliver the content. You should consider removing the download link from the follow-up page and send it by email. It will not prevent people to forward the emails, but it will be better than a freely available content


          Also, make sure the Follow-up page is not indexed (edit it, then on the "landing page actions", select the meta-data menu item. In the dialog box, set the robot fields to "no-index, no-follow").



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            Sanford Whiteman

            Number of threads on this.


            To put it succinctly, you can add a layer of good-faith security by checking if the referrer URL of the Thank You is the URL of the LP, and if not, redirect them to the LP. This'll deter all accidental abuse. A malicious person can still bypass the referrer check, as Marketo LPs are not designed to require real authentication.


            I also agree with Greg that foregoing a formal Thank You "page" and instead redirecting/replacement with Thank You "content" is a better way to go. Faste experience for the end user, too.

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