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    Migration lessons learned or best practices

    Jim Clarke

      I have a colleague who is doing a migration where they're moving from On-Prem to Online and they were trying to see if there was any documentation or lessons learned folks had stumbled into. I know the SF community has a lot around this topic with Org merges, splits and refreshes but I haven't been able to dig much up.


      I did stumble into this conversation, which seems to have gone stale
      Migrating CRM Users from on-premise to online

      Wondered if this group had any experience worth sharing, as it would be a good dialogue to archive on this group.


      Thanks for any insight you're able to share.



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          Paul Wilson

          Hey Jim Clarke,


          There are a few stumbling blocks to be aware of. They will need to migrate their existing dataset from their On-Prem into a new Online instance which will cause each record to get a new GUID. The process to migrate to Online from On-prem will practically require them to get a new Marketo instance, and they will loose all historical data since one instance of Marketo can't change CRMs that is is connected to.


          Have any other members seen this done?



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              Dan Stevens. did this for Avanade. It's possible to retain the same GUIDs when you migrate from on premise to online. If your CRM team can do that for the entities that Marketo syncs (lead, contact, account, opportunity, user, team) then it is possible to retain the same Marketo instance. It will require intervention through the Marketo engineering team (via a support case) to have them adjust the URL in the Admin section. For the most part, I think this went off without a big production when we went through it.

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                  Paul Wilson

                  That's awesome Kristen Carmean! I had been misinformed then by a Microsoft integrator about the approach from on-prem to online. Granted it was a few years back and it was a CRM 4.0 on-prem implementation, so that might have been an instance specific answer then.


                  Given that the GUIDs can be kept the same this I would think that as long as the api field names remain the same then there would be no issue. I wonder if this migration Jim Clarke might also allow your colleague to take advantage of the new connector and get onto the Orion platform. Might be good for them, when connecting with Marketo support to inquire about that as well!


                  It would be great to hear how this goes for them - sounds like it would be a great project to write a short case study/summary for this group. And maybe Dan Stevens. could be willing to contribute with notes on his experience with Avanade's?