What to look for in an SDR email technology

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Hey guys,


During our discussion at the last user group, we had mentioned the process that we had gone through to select an SDR email platform (like PersistIQ, SalesLoft, Outreach, Engagio, etc) and that we had put together an quick punchlist of things we were looking for and that we'd share it.  Here it is. Thanks Shari for the reminder!


Some of the things we were looking for:



- Shared templates


- Personal Templates


- Easy-to-use admin console for Marketing and SDRs with performance data


- Easy-to-use admin console for creating outreach cadences


- Configurable batches (batch like emails and do quick changes before send)


- Ability to generate your own cadence — by SDR Managers/Marketing Ops/SDRs


- Ability to sort tasks (didn’t get to things at the bottom)/filter tasks


- Ability to create sprints/campaigns for SDRs


- Visibility into future days (plan my days)


- Integrated dialer (Dialing from local number would be helpful)


- Ability to see how many people are added to their list/outreach queue (ex. SDR needs to add 20 people to list every day, etc)


- Don’t have to add people to the system, but still track all emails in Salesforce


- If an email bounced, update in system and update Salesforce contact


- Visibility into tasks that are overdue


- Administrative number of people of limiting people in a batch (ex. no more 50 in a batch)


- Schedule future emails