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How to use seeded program to implement landing pages into a nuture stream?

Question asked by 572b62e46080c76b7aad41c3d1d56ba2a6a16363 on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by d07f00037c470975b804d9809eaa520f740ffc6d

I am trying to use seeded programs which contains landing pages in a nuture stream and try to push the stream leads consume eahc one of the landing pages. Can someone tell me how to push stream leads going through each one of the landing pages in a seeded program? Do I need to use a smart campaign to push leads into the seeded program to make sure those leads can recieve my landing pages as well? Or, the nuture stream leads will automatically be added to a seeded program within that stream?