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    Adding the Same Email to Multiple Engagement Streams



      I'm looking for the most efficient way to add the same email (with simple variations, such as subject line) to multiple engagement programs.


      Just to set this up a little better...


      I have a product, with 6 different segments that we're targeting - they're different stages in their lifecycle and have their own engagement programs. The asset appeals to 3 of these segments, but the messaging needs to be slightly different for each one. Ideally, I don't want to add an email to each individual program stream in case I have to go and change them, so I'd like to keep them housed outside for easy access.


      We have multiple products, so the same principle will be applied to all of them. I want to avoid having an overload of of the same email spread across multiple programs, in multiple streams.


      So, what would be the most optimal what to do this? Is it best to use tokens and snippets? Global emails? A program somewhere that nests all the emails and calls them in? All of the above?