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    Revenue Cycle Explorer Resources & Knowledge Sharing

    Jherod Bauders

      Hi all!


      I wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any great resources for the Revenue Cycle Explorer - I've been working in it for awhile now and tend to build custom solutions for all of my clients, but I wanted to see what other great dashboards or reports fellow Marketo Users are creating.


      Here's a few questions I have for the community:


      • What is your go-to dashboard for evaluating the performance of your Marketo Instance?
      • Do you tend to create dashboards by channel or have more of an integrated approach?
      • How useful do you find the "out-of-box" dashboards?
      • Any custom solutions you're proud of or would be eager to share?
      • What common data roadblocks do you run into? (Period costs, Opportunity $ amount, etc, accurate channel assignment, etc.)