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Recent SFDC Release with tighter duplicate rules resulting in Marketo sync error

Question asked by Nina Valtcheva on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

Wondering if anybody has noticed this, but since SFDC came out with their new release 10 days ago or so, I started noticing this error on the Results tab of my smart campaigns that are syncing people to SFDC campaigns.


Failed: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: You're creating a duplicate record. We recommend you use an existing record instead.



I talked to our SFDC admins and they said the recent SFDC release has a much smarter duplicate detection feature that will block a lead from being created in SFDC even if the email address is different. For example, we have a lead in Marketo with this sync error who has a different email address but the same first & last name as an existing lead in SFDC and it is being blocked from syncing into SFDC with this error.  Marketo views that person as two separate records but SFDC is saying they are the same person and is not allowing the second email address to update in SFDC.


Has anyone else noticed this recently and found a way to get around it?