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    How to update mass amounts of email addresses when a company changes email addresses, without creating duplicate/separate leads?



      We have come across this several times, and I would imagine others would be dealing with this as well... In the cases of mergers and acquisitions, occasionally companies change their email addresses (specifically after the @symbol). i.e. first.last@company1.com changes now to first.last@company2.com.


      We don't know how to go about making a mass change (2000+ contacts) for a company that recently experienced this.

      We know we cant export and adjust easily in Excel and reimport, since email address is the unique identifier in Marketo - that would then create entirely new contacts in Marketo.


      What is the best way to update mass amounts of email addresses within Marketo without creating duplicate/separate leads?

      Can you run a smart list? Can you import with specific data added to a file to ensure a duplicate isn't created?


      What are our options?