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    MQL Reporting

    Michael Collins

      Hi guys,

      I'm struggling to figure out where is the best place to do some reporting, and it seems that there are limitations whether I'm using Salesforce or Marketo.

      I need to report on MQLs that are delivered to Salesforce by our Marketo Lead Scoring model - so all of those records are tagged in Salesforce under a Salesforce campaign (thanks to Greg for the tip there).


      However, now I need to report on Leads, Contacts, Leads that were converted to Contacts, activities under those Leads/Contacts in terms of Sales meetings/tasks etc, as well as which of these people have Opportunities, in progress/won/lost etc.


      So far Salesforce seems to be tying me up in knots for a lot of the above and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure where to even start in Marketo - assuming it even contains all of the above data.

      I'm tempted to export data from both systems and use something like SAS/excel to try and join it all together...but before I do, I thought I would ask for your advice/comments.


      To be clear, I'm not asking for consultancy about what I should be reporting and what makes a good metric - all I need is the technical assistance to stitch the above bits together.