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    Add value from form fillout to landing page list

    Elizabeth Ballester

      I've gotten a request to enable individuals to fill out a form and have an entry from the form added to a letter on a landing page in Marketo. Is this something that is possible to do in Marketo (without external javascripting)?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          I don't know what you mean by "a letter on a landing page" but you can certainly include {{lead.field}} tokens in the content of Marketo-hosted LPs

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            Hi Elizabeth,


            If I understand correctly, you have a form that leads will submit. And when leads submit this form, you want another separate landing page automatically updated with a listing of all the leads that have filled the first form till now. Is that what you want?


            If yes, It can not be done 'out of the box' from a Marketo flow.

            It also can not be done by 'only' using javascript on that form.


            It can be done using 'web hooks' and javascript together. You will have to create a web hook to maintain a list of leads that have filled the form so far (outside of Marketo). And on the listing landing page, use javascript and JSONP mechanism to show the list of leads pulling that information from this external source.


            Though it is doable, it might be an overkill I think.



            You can define a smart list in Marketo which maintains all these leads who filled the form. And use 'Smart List subscription' mechanism to send daily / weekly emails to the person who needs that information. So instead of the landing page with the list of leads, he/she will get that information via email. This might be the best option.




            You can push each lead that fills the form to say 'Google Sheets' (using web hook again, but it will be relatively simpler).

            Instead of other landing page, the person who needs the report can simply use Google sheets that is populated in real time.


            Hope this helps.


            Rajesh Talele