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    Smartlist Filter issues! Leads not qualifying how I think they should...

      I am sending lead info into marketo via API from a single page checkout form.


      I send a createOrUpdate ajax call each time they focusout of an input box, IF they have a valid email address entered AND they're clicked the "receive marketing emails" checkbox.


      The default value of "isCustomer" is "false." This gets updated to "true" via ajax call when they complete an order.


      I would like to set it up so that 2 hours after the lead is created, IF "isCustomer" is still false, an email is sent to them.


      I setup a smartlist with the following filters:
      - Lead is Created: Created Date: In Past Before: 2 Hours
      - Is Customer: Is Customer: False


      It's not working, and I'm not sure why.