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    Suppressing a file

      Does any know the steps or actions needed to do a suppression of a file against a email campaign.

      I have the Smart List created to target the members of a specific file uploaded although I need to suppress a additional file that has just been supplied.
      Is there a easy way to do this?


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          Robb Barrett

          Copy all of the email addresses from the suppression list and put them in a Smart List called "Suppression".

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            Robb Barrett

            Since these are people you want to suppress, I'm assuming it's not people you want in your database otherwise you'll be paying for names you'll never use.


            If this is a blacklist, you might consider a recurring batch campaign which will run every night deleting any leads that show up in your smartlist.  A SL with email addresses will help make sure any dupes aren't sneaking through.

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              Andy Varshneya

              Hi Rob,


              First thing you'll want to do is upload the two csv's into unique static lists. This will allow you to bucket them separately. After that, it all depends on if the suppression list is for a single email campaign or on a more permanent scale.


              If it is only for that single email campaign, I would use the following smart list logic

                   1 AND 2

                   1. Member of List in <INCLUSION LIST>

                   2. Member of List not in <SUPPRESSION LIST>


              If the suppression should be more global and you don't want that group of people to ever get an email, after uploading the list, you should select all and then Marketing Suspend them.

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                Robb Barrett

                If you import them into a list, you're creating new leads and only blocking the leads you just created.


                You want to block by email address, not lead id and certainly not for a newly created lead.

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                  Dory Viscogliosi

                  Hey Rob, if there are no more than a few thousand names that you want to suppress, I typically find it is easiest to exclude these via email address in the smart list of your campaign. I use the "email address is not xyz@abc.com" filter. You can put just over 2000 names into each of these filters, so if there are more than a few thousand people being suprressed then this isn't always the most efficient way of doing this. You can add this filter to the smart list as many times as you need, and use all AND statements with them.


                  A benefit to this is something that Robb sort of touched on. If someone doesn't already exist in your database, you aren't creating that record by importing a suppression list. It's also the fastest way to suppress a few thousand names from a mailing.

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