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Using Bi-directional sync on SFDC Account object

Question asked by 557959e632f39134bc45e31783426369c75eced5 on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by 557959e632f39134bc45e31783426369c75eced5

Ive been advised against a bi-directional sync on the account object by Marketo Support and Id like to ask the community here on their opinion. We have a number of fields that live on the Account level (revenue, location, etc.) and Im trying to run normalization/cleanse programs in Marketo to update data in Salesforce - which includes Account object field data. I was referred to do this in Process Builder in Salesforce but would rather keep everything together.


Is anyone syncing to Marketo from SFDC account object level and if so, for all items or just some? --OR--

Are you with the support team and advise against it? Why?


Thanks in advance!