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    Access SQL database for Marketo integration

      Our clients use a lead management tool called Velocify. There is not an easy integration set-up between the two systems. The client's IT team has asked if, in support of the integration between Marketo and Velocify, Marketo could access a SQL database that houses all of the information from Velocify and several other applications. Does anyone have any information/experience in reference to this request?



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          Jamie Lewis

          Well, that depends I guess.  With Marketo there are a couple options to accomplish this.


          1) In Marketo you can call web services directly from any workflow.  So if this 3rd party data source has web services enabled then it is entirely possible to leverage those directly from marketo.


          2) If not then you can use Marketo APIs to take data from the 3rd party data source and push that into Marketo.


          Either way, these techniques are described in full right here:  developers.marketo.com

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