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The TOP Marketo Summit Sessions as chosen by the Silicon Valley User Group

Question asked by 6a326ceaf3efac9c3d86fc2b17b170c0b2451b13 on Jun 14, 2016

The topic last week was sharing what we learned from the Marketo Summit.


Although someone in the group did say that they thought our User Group may even be more informative that Summit (which I find hard to believe), there were a TON of sessions that people brought up as ones that they found memorable and useful:


Kristen Malkovich - Will it Scale? Tips and Tricks to Build Scalable Programs in Your Marketo Mansion


Samantha Safin - How To Fix Your Marketing Automation When You're Inherited a Hot Mess


Philip Chen - Marketo's XXX Approach to Engagement


Bryan Semple - 15 Things Never to Tell Your CMO


Josh Hill / Charlie Liang - ABM Success Path


Joe Chernov - Going Beyond Inbound with ABM


Adam New-Waterson and Jeff Shearer- Marketo Pro-tips III


Gerry Murray - Optimizing Your MarTech Stack for Solution Selling


Jason Kodish - The Transformation Play Starring Data, Behavior and Technology


Shana Pearlman The Royal Couple - When Content and Distribution Tie The Know


And I'll throw in ours too:


Inga Romanoff and Jason Seeba - Mo Money, Mo Marketo - How To Grow Your Career With Marketo