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    Filtering/preventing fake leads

      Sort of a general question, to see how people have handled this....


      I did a wide-range search of our leads, so I could get a large set of names. In the process, I noticed several fakes, i.e. "Mr. ShAhahawh Sqewqhwqweq". Many seemed to be Russian in origin, listing a .ru domain in company name, things like that. In a spot check, it looks like some are from people who've requested a white paper via one of our online forms, etc.


      Does anybody have suggestions for filtering things like this out? Best practices, etc.? I don't want to do any Country blocking or limiting of an IP block. We're slowly going International and there could very easily be a real lead in any of these places.


      Right now, we have a few basic filters in place, such not allowing non-company email addresses like hotmail, gmail etcetera.