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Lead creation via SOAP is buggy

Question asked by 4ff282762e2329eff66acc6a898c76330a4ee628 on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by 4ff282762e2329eff66acc6a898c76330a4ee628
     After much investigation this afternoon, I'm convinced that the system has crucial bugs with regard to Leads created via SOAP.
     When I create a Lead with the UI, I can do all of the following via SOAP:
  •           getLead
  •           syncLead to alter attributes, see changes in web UI
  •           add the lead to an existing list

     When I create a Lead with SOAP, I see different results:
  •           can't see it in the web UI
  •           getLead is ok
  •           syncLead to alter attributes is ok
  •           can't add the lead to an existing list (no reason given in response)

     It seems that a SOAP-created Lead is only half-recognized by the system.  I can create it and modify it on the back-end, but the front-end is oblivious.
     I'd assume anyone using SOAP will need to create Leads, so I think this is a significant bug.