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How can I mass update unsubscribes from third party list (unsubscribers either not in Salesforce or are a mix of leads and contacts)?

Question asked by 7f00fca17a32cfaeb16852c4dd3f4e7f2a9c3277 on Jun 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

Hi group,


After researching high and low in these forums, I’ve yet to find a clear answer to my question.


Here’s the situation. We’re new to Marketo and started our initial sync to Salesforce (which we also recently implemented) earlier this week. 


We’ve been using Mailchimp to send our newsletter and I would like to ensure that everyone’s opt-out fields who unsubscribed in Mailchimp gets carried over to Marketo as we transition the newsletter to this platform. 


Here’s where I’m getting stuck:

-Those who are on our unsubscribe Mailchimp list are not all in Salesforce 

-Those that are in Salesforce/ Marketo (since we have already done our initial sync) are a mix of leads and contacts 


Possible solution:

  1. Import unsubscribe list to Marketo and set unsubscribe as “true"
  2. Create a smart list with conditions:

          -SFDC Create Date “Is empty”

          -Set flow set to “change data value” -> “unsubscribe” -> “true”  and sync to SFDC


Would importing this list override data we already have on our existing leads/contacts in Marketo/Salesforce?