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Email Link Performance Report

Question asked by Jamie Barclay on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by Geoff Krajeski

In looking at the email link performance report there are two metrics "Clicks" and "leads"  -


I'm providing the example below
Clicks are higher than leads; yet when I run a smart list for the "clicked link" (my target link) - the number comes out to equal "Leads" - I'm assuming "clicks" means unique leads whether or not they clicked that link multiple times (i.e,. desktop, phone tablet = 3 clicks/1 lead).  Can you confirm?


If this is true, then it seems like the true metric we should be looking at would be leads. 


Also was wondering if a lead forwards an email to someone, would that click through traffic be linked to the original lead that received the email or would that person that was forwarded the email show up as a new/unique lead?


Also my understanding is that the Email Performance Report reflects "unique" opens, clicks, etc.  Can you confirm.


Thank you.