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    AdWords campaign question

    Geoff Krajeski

      Slightly off topic, but a marketing question nonetheless...


      If you have an existing campaign that's been running about 6 months, and the objective of the campaign changes from "drive traffic" to "drive traffic within ##### postal code to this store location/coupon", how would it best be handled?

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          Jenn DiMaria

          How are your Program Statuses set up? Could you mark all existing successes as non-successes and then alter your trigger campaign with the new filter information? That way, you can still capture everyone who filled out the form for historical purposes (and have their status be Filled Out Form or something), but only those fitting the zip code (etc) criteria would be marked as success.


          And then maybe add a note that the KPI changed.

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              Geoff Krajeski

              This one is not currently linked to Marketo.


              I was asking more for my knowledge (or lack thereof) of AdWords best practices.

              I know that historical performance is a factor in the Quality Score of ads & such.


              So, I wasn't sure if it would be best to clone/create a new campaign versus creating a new ad group(s) in the existing campaign and pausing the others for now.

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              Geoff Krajeski

              I received counsel that it was best to clone/duplicate the campaign, and adjust as necessary.


              The targeting works wonderfully within X miles radius and the two intended zip codes!