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    Setting up double opt-in

      I want to set up a double opt-in flow and wanted to confirm with the community that I am thinking of this correctly.


      1. Add a checkbox for use on each form that confirms they wish to opt in and assign that to a field.
      2. Have a Trigger campaign running for when:
        1. Any form filled out
        2. The field from #1 changes to true
      3. Flow of Trigger campaign sends an email out with a confirmation link.
      4. Second trigger campaign running for when:
        1. Click through on that confirmation email with the constraint on that specific link


      Is there a better, cleaner way to do this?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Devin,


          It's a little more complex than this, as you need:

          1. To remember if the person is filling out a form for the first time or not (you only need the double opt-in email on the first time). Use a second field or a static list for this
          2. If this is the first time, you need to check the opt-out field by default on form fill out and to uncheck it when the lead clicks the confirmation link


          Red this: How to Set Up Double Opt-In (COI)



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              Josh Hill

              I have an example in my Guide.

              But also, there are some other steps:


              The field on the form will just be "Single Optin" and you will treat that as a request for double optin.


              Filled Out Form IS XYZ

              Single Optin=T

              Double Optin=F

              Send Confirmation Email


              Second campaign:

              listen for Clicks Link in Email

              Double Optin=F



              CDV: Double Optin=T

              CDV: if Unsubscribed=T, set F


              You may also want to stamp Date and Time to a separate Optin Time Field={{system.dateTime}} for logging purposes. While the Activity Log should be enough for the lawyers, why not stamp it again and pass it back to CRM?

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                  Thanks Josh Hill.


                  Is this something where I can use a Fills Out Form is any Trigger in that first campaign? Or are there reasons not to use it? I was thinking of having a centralized/administrative type of campaign rather than creating for each form used.


                  Also, if we want to capture data for an Optin Source and set that to the program in which the form lives, any recommendations on how best to do that?


                  Thank you for the assist.