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    Enrichment / Predictive Platform

    Debbie Margulies

      Whatever they call themselves, they are similar in functionality... I am evaluating tools/platforms to integrate with SFDC/Marketo and:

      1. Enrich existing
      2. Enrich incoming
      3. Discover net new

      I have looked at:

      1. Leadspace
      2. DiscoverOrg
      3. Social123
      4. NetProspex
      5. RainKing
      6. Unomy

      I am looking for information from people who have used or evaluated these and have opinions for or against. Anything positive or negative will help me evaluate and decide.

      Things I have to consider:

      1. Global datasets
      2. Scalable
      3. Integration with SFDC/Marketo is solid, no bugs

      Please provide any feedback you have. Thanks!