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    Auto Assignement to a account owner doesn't work

      Hi everyone,


      I am currently trying to improve my assignment according to the filter "Sync to SFDC" in my Smart Campaign's flow, in order to assign a lead or a contact to the right Account owner.

      In fact, my goal is that when someone downloads one of our contents and, he or she is one of our Customers, I would like to assign him/her to the right Account owner, plus the programed email won't be sent to the customer as well.


      Throughtout the testing phase the process seemed working well.; beforehand I created a fake account with the status "Customer", assigned to one of our Account executive. Then I created a fake contact belonging to the fake account and assigned him to the right Account owner; 


      Here are the filters :


      However, when a new lead (even if he or she is from a customer's company), gets assigned to myself instead of the right account owner, thereby the email is sent to him whereas I don't want.


      Does anyone know how to fix it please ?

      Thank you




      - Etienne