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    Issue with Installing Sales Insight into SFDC.

    Petyr Campos

      I’ve followed all the instructions from your documentation on how to get Marketo’s Sales Insight app running in my sandbox instance of salesforce.com ( SFDC) but it is not working. (https://docs.marketo.com/pages/releaseview.action?pageId=2360368)


      Instead, I’ve keep getting the following error messages in both Marketo and my SFDC sandbox.  The error message stated I do not have the lead field “priority” not configured properly in SFDC.  This would be true because I do not have a “priority” field on the lead and contact objects, nor did the Marketo installed manage package create them for me. There is also nothing in the documentation (see attached link) that states I should be creating new fields in SFDC independent of the fields already created by the install package.2016-06-08_18-41-13.jpg2016-06-09_10-37-32.jpg