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Which rendering engine is most similar to the Marketo Email Preview?

Question asked by Robb Barrett Expert on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Robb Barrett

This has been irking me. I'm in B2B and estimates are that about 80% of B2B folks use Outlook for email.  As everyone knows, Outlook is the IE of email browsers. I can have an email looking pretty as a picture in my email editor and then send it to Outlook and it becomes a mangled mess.  For example, why in <insert deity here>'s Good Name would I purposely approve an email that I know will look like this in Outlook?



Yet, in the Marketo email editor, this is a gorgeous email.  So, for whom does the editor's bell toll?  In Gmail this won't look right either.


Can we get an option to render the email in the Outlook engine when we're designing?  This is a big waste of time to have to make a change to a template, send a sample, see it looks like an object regarded by the speaker as unpleasant or badly made or carried out, then go back and make another change.


Also, why does Marketo not have some of the nice tools that other email companies provide?


For example, today I found my new best friend: Bulletproof email buttons | Campaign Monitor. This will make a button that renders correctly in any email program. No registration required, just a nice freebie that Campaign Monitor threw out to the world.  Where's that in Marketo?  I'd love an inline button creator or a one-push button that will tell me where my mistakes are in my HTML for different browsers.