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    Need the ability to write the Marketo Custom Object information to Salesforce object


      We have a requirement to sync the Marketo Custom objects (call it Sample-M) with a similar Salesforce custom object (call it Sample-S) records. The Marketing team has access to only marketo and hence, the data is written in to the Sample-M records and is visible in the marketo user interface. Now, the requirement is to create/update the Sample-S records on insert/update of Sample-M records. This can be obtained by invoking the API webservices of Salesforce using marketo webhooks.

      In doing so, I am faced with 2 limitations:

      1. How do I authenticate the API call from a marketo webhook? If I use any other platform than marketo, this is done in two steps - first call to authenticate and get an authorization token from Salesforce; and the second call to insert/update the data in Salesforce by including the authorization token in the HTTP request. Marketo webhook allows me to only use one call. Is there a way to accomplish this?

      2. In webhooks, I am only able to get the data of the standard marketo objects only, eg., Leads, Company, Campaigns, etc. There is no option to include the data of marketo custom objects. In the body of the API request, I need to pass the information of marketo custom object. How can I get the data of the Sample-M records to be included in the request?


      Thanks in advance