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    Program Status is Changed trigger

    Nicholas Manojlovic

      Can someone pick up something wrong here? This is a GoToWebinar event program.


      I have a Fills out form trigger with a Change Program Status flow step. The flow step either changes someone to "Registered" or "Not in Program".


      I have a second campaign that is a "Program Status is Changed" trigger, with the constraint New Value: "Registered".


      I cannot for the life of me figure out how people who have been changed to "Not in Program" have entered my registration campaign?

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          Josh Hill

          What exactly do you want to have happen?


          The flow step choice should be a positive statement. The problem is that when they fill out a local Form, they become a Member automatically, but then you are kicking them out and they already triggered the other campaign.


          It might be better to explain why you want to take some people in, and others out. Usually, it's easier to block people at the Smart List level.

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              Nicholas Manojlovic

              I guess I'm trying to determine if the trigger "Program status is changed" is working correctly with the constraint of "New Status... is Webinar > Registered".


              My 1st campaign is just to move people to the correct registration, or boot them from the program - are webinar is for a certain cohort of students, but not others (who also happen to be form fill-out tyre kickers).


              I wonder if the GTW program regards any fill out form as a registration, not just a flow-step that specifically identifies when to change status.


              In other words, this:


              Seems to be accepting leads that are never having their status changed to Registered. The only status change they have encountered is a "Not In Program", and the reason is because Marketo is assuming (incorrectly), that any form fill-out attached to this program is a registration.