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Marketo & GoToWebinar integration - cancelling GTW registration through Mkto

Question asked by Rose Masidi on Jun 7, 2016
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I'm also waiting on an answer from GTW Support on this but hoping someone here has an answer to this issue.


Someone in my company (swear it wan't me ) accidentally changed the member status in a GTW-synced program from "Invited" to "Registered", which means that the GTW it's synced to is now at capacity with false registrations. I've gotten in touch with Mkto support they and walked me through the steps of changing statuses back to "Invited", but  the tests I've done isn't reflected in GTW - even though I've taken people out of the Mkto program they're still in GTW as a registrant.


So, question:

  • Is this just a matter of waiting for GTW to sync, or is it the case that once people are registered in GTW they're stuck in there, and I'll have to try and clean things up on the GTW end? Unfortunately the false regos number in the thousands