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    SugarCRM and Forms

    Hannah McRae

      We are finally utilizing forms and landing pages in our instance and running into a predicament. We'd like for only one of our forms to feed to SugarCRM once hitting Marketo. Since there is no way to put back-end code for Sugar on a form is this possible or will the implementation of SugarCRM effect all leads, no matter the form? More specifically, is there a trigger we could associate to the leads after form submission that would feed to Sugar? Or would it be recommended that we simply manually pull a report from this specific form to place into Sugar?

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          Zak Pines

          Hi Hannah,

          Bedrock Data offers a Marketo-Sugar connector that more and more joint Marketo and Sugar customers are using to support various use cases not well supported by the connector offered by Sugar.

          Using Bedrock Data your use case would be straight forward as you can easily manage rules for which leads you want to sync/not in both directions between Marketo and Sugar.

          As we've had an uptick in Marketo-Sugar interest I put out this article today highlighting some of the common scenarios:

          Five ways Bedrock Data provides a better Marketo-SugarCRM connector

          I'm Zak[at]BedrockData.com if you want more specific info on this or if there are ways I can help.

          Best Regards,