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Keeping lead but unsubscribing them??? BEST PRACTICE?

Question asked by Karla Barnes on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Karla Barnes

I've only had limited Marketo training, and no one to ask in the office so here goes.... Briefly we have 16 email databases and some leads are on all or just one.


When I receive the request to 'unsubscribe me from all your databases', I was trained (by someone who has left the company now) to remove the lead individually from each list and put them onto a blacklist for each corresponding list.


eg: They subscribe to 'Magazine 1 List', so I remove them from that list, then add them to 'Magazine 1 List [BLACKLIST]' which is referenced in the Magazine 1 program.


This can be a time consuming process when they are on all 16 lists!! So now I come across this under each lead name (see image), and i'm wondering if this box is ticked does it mean that lead WILL NOT get any emails from any of the lists they are on?