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    Safe sender instructions for ATT/Bellsouth/SBCglobal

    Diane Schmid

      Does anybody know the specific safe-sender/whitelisting instructions for ATT.net, Bellsouth and SBCglobal? We're sending a message to these specific ISPs and want to make sure they add our sender address as a safe sender, but our audience tends to be older, so we want to be able to provide specific instructions on how to do so.  These were the least complicated ones I found, but just figured I'd post to see if anyone had any other instructions. Thanks!


      1. In your mailbox, click Options.
      2. Go to Mail Options, select Filters. Click Add Filter.
      3. Go to From Header and select Contains. Enter the trusted address or domain (email or website) in the box provided.
      4. Go to the drop down menu at the bottom with the option Move the message to. Select Inbox.
      5. Click Add Filter