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Turning on Email Editor 2.0

Discussion created by John Westley on Jun 6, 2016
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Hey everyone, as you are all probably aware Marketo released a bunch of new features this week including the new Email Editor and Email Templates.


Here's the overview product doc page.


As Josh Hill mentioned on his blog it's recommended to test in a sandbox as moving over to the new system is a pretty big deal. 


Including this quote from Pierce Ujjainwalla at Knak:


“When you switch to the new editor, all of your existing (v1.0) templates go into draft mode. If those templates are reapproved, Marketo converts them to v2.0 and it is impossible to revert them back to v1.0. This means that if for some reason you are not happy with the new editor, or it is not able to produce code that is conducive to fully responsive templates, you would not be able to revert the templates back to their original state.”


When you do get access to the new templates and editor it's initially turned off and you have to turn it on to get access to the features.


Here's the page on Turning On/Off Email Editor 2.0