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Marketo Classroom Training

Question asked by 7a5f1831c150d66b48e3bee90ed4e4872afcdb45 on Jun 6, 2016
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Hey guys!  About six months ago, I promised that Centric would be launching classroom training to take someone from email marketer to basic-level marketo marketer.  We have been running our internal classes, but are finally caught up enough to have five open seats on June 20.  Two ways to join us:


1. Register and attend.  I have 50% off discount codes for anyone from the SMUG who like to attend.  Ping me and I'll send discount codes.

2. Teach a module and get a seat for a co-worker or friend for free:  We have modules built, but one of our goals is to help new marketo-ers get to know the marketo community better by being taught by a local expert outside the Centric team  We'll promote you (and how brilliant you are) as a teacher using Centric's marketing channels, you'll need to spend about 2 hours reviewing the materials with our training leader, then you'll spend 1 - 4  hours teaching the materials.  For that, one of your friends or colleagues can go through the full class for free (this or future).  Ping me if you are interested!


Thanks everyone!


MH Lines