Quick User Group Updates

Discussion created by b55e8988509b08491b9a99d9fae0779b936c7f33 on Jun 3, 2016

Hey guys,


Just a heads up that I'm leaving my position today at Aquasana and moving to the Agency side. Which means there will be a small window (about one - two weeks) before I get a new Marketo instance and am able to access this user group.


While I take my Marketo vacation, Josh Perry [the previous ATX MUG leader] will be holding down the fort until I get back. The event on July 6th is still happening and I will be there to run that.


In addition, my move creates a few job opportunities. You guys are in high demand!


  • Aquasana is looking for a Marketing Automation Manager to take over my former position. If you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and selling a highly valued eCommerce product, this job MIGHT be for you.
  • I am also looking for Marketo users to join the team here at MuteSix. If you thrive in a downtown startup atmosphere, like playing with all the bells and whistles of Marketo, and enjoy face time with clients, this job MIGHT be for you.


If you want more information about the above job postings or want to contact me directly about anything user group related, you can email me at jason@mutesix.com.


Otherwise, apologies for the inconvenience & hope to see you at the event next month!