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    Lead to Account Routing,  Duplicate Prevention, and Normalization for Marketo & SFDC

    William Finnen

      Hi Marketo Community!


      RingLead has added some amazing new features to help out Marketo users who are currently using Marketo & Salesforce.  RingLead has hundreds of Marketo customers and with the launch of our Account Based Marketing Solution we look forward to helping out even more users!  RingLead assists with:

      • Lead to Account Routing
      • Automatic Firmographic & Contact Append
      • Deduplication and Prevention
      • Title Normalization


      I can provide more details to anyone who is interested in this discussion or at billy@ringlead.com.  I've attached a one pager on all of RingLead's features so that you can get a better understanding of what we do.




      Phone number: (631)-353-7245