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pagingtoken API gives error even when using one of the supported date formats

Question asked by 3da454cc54c5669db4e9a04a52184ab8a8deea81 on Jun 5, 2016
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Hi There,



We are using Marketo Rest API to pull data from Marketo. For extracting activities we have to first generate a token(nextpagetoken) which can be used to fetch Activity from the date that user has provided.



For generating initial token as per marketo documentation we have to use pagingtoken API? . As per documentation this API supports three date formats for sinceDatetime parameters using any of these three formats we were able to generate paging token using either of the below sample API call:



But suddenly it started giving below error for 2013-05-22T11:03:26+05:30 and 2013-05-22T11:03+05:30 date formats and it only works with 2013-05-22 date format.




  "requestId": "a1c9#15524613da4",

  "success": false,

  "errors": [


      "code": "1001",

      "message": "Invalid value '2013-05-22T11:03:26 05:30'. Required of type 'Date'"






Can someone please look into this issue and let us know why it suddenly stopped working?





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