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    Lead Score not changing with activity

    JB Peterson

      We have one particular lead whose score is not changing even though it shows click activity, etc. Is there any way that a lead can circumvent scoring (private browsing?)? I should also note that the lead was previously not engaged with any of our marketing and has a negative score.

      Any insight would be great.



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi JB,


          The first place to look at is the lead activity log. If the lead has these activities recorded in the log and the score does not appear just after in the logs, then either the way the scoring smart campaigns filter this lead out or you have an issue that is worth a support call.


          When we set up scoring, we usually define a "do not score" list that contains employees, competitors, blacklisted, deactivated contacts, etc... Then, in the scoring smart campaigns, the members of this smart list will be filtered out and not scored.



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            Jim Thao

            Scoring is based on smart campaign smart list criteria.  If the lead has activity (shows in the activity log) and that activity is being used as filter criteria in your smart list, the lead should qualify and the flow actions processed accordingly.


            You may want to review your smart list criteria to see if the lead did indeed qualify.  Else, there may be another issue.

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