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    Track all clicks (known AND anonymous) on landing page

    Sarah Way

      Is there a way to track the total number of clicks on links on a landing page, both known AND anonymous?


      My company has created a number of landing pages for outside companies that are accessible only through emails. The problem is, the emails are not sent by us...they are sent by outside companies. This means that the majority of the people visiting the pages are anonymous. If one of the companies wants the total number of clicks, is there a way to get the total number? My Smart Lists only show known leads since the Anonymous filter was eliminated.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Sarah,


          Honestly, this is more a task for Google Analytics.


          Yet, you can use the landing page performance report that will show you the number displays and fills out forms.


          In both cases, you should make sure that the outside companies use either a different URL (using Marketo LP redirect, you can create multiple URLs for the same LP) or URL parameters, so that distinguishing the source remains easy.