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Query string Tracking for Forms on Drupal Landing Page

Question asked by Julz James Champion on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Julz James

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to set up some query string tracking for form fills on Drupal Landing pages.  I'm using Marketo forms and I want to track different sources using a query string.


I've tried lots of different options but nothing seems to be pulling the form fill into the Smart Campaigns I've set up for tracking.  The options I've tried are:


  • Putting hidden fields into the form and then having the form look for the URL parameter
  • Using 'Fills in form' trigger with the query string as a constraint
  • Using 'Fills in form' trigger with a filter of 'visited webpage in last 5 mins with query string' filter


But if I do a smart list of 'Fills in form' or just a basic smart campaign for 'fills in form' trigger all the names appear there but none have gone through the other tracking smart campaigns.


Normally for Marketo Forms and Marketo landing pages I would just do the second option and it works every time.  But it's not working with the Drupal LPs.


Can anyone help figure out what the problem is?