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More Specific "Date + X Days"-style Logic

Question asked by 2b42b059310113d274b8354a5b32439c8b879815 on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by 2b42b059310113d274b8354a5b32439c8b879815
Someone at Marketo mentioned being able to build out logic less reliant on daily field updates to a "Days Active" field by doing the following:

Run a batch campaign recurring daily with "Date" field logic (such as a trial start date) + however many days into trial that campaign is supposed to run. For example: Trial Start Date + 10 days, send email x.

I just don't see how to set this up. Wait steps are intensive and would bog down the system if we did it for everything, but how can I get the campaign logic to see "Okay, today when this campaign runs, I'll see whose Trial Start Date was 10 days ago" vs. "in the past 10 days" (big difference).

Any thoughts?