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    RTP Campaign setup

      Hi everyone,


      We have RTP successfully setup and running on our site but we've ended up with too many RTP campaigns and are at our license limit. As we're rethinking our approach, we wanted to see if someone could confirm if we have it deployed RTP correctly and most efficiently from a campaign perspective.

      In our setup we have around 20+ articles on our Website. An example article is:




      The overall goal of our site is to have our content gated for Unknown users but Known users can navigate as they like. Each article has a Print, Download and Read Full Article button on them, and we created a unique form for each button and have connected it to either the unique PDF (used for printing and downloading) or the Full Article, we then have a Smart Campaign that records the data and sends an email/alert as well.


      Through RTP we've created a unique RTP Campaign for each button so that Known leads don't see the form and go directly to the unique PDF or the Full Article. Is this the correct/most efficient way to do this? With this approach we have 60+ RTP campaigns which puts us over our license limit so we're rethinking our approach to get the total number of RTP Campaigns closer to 20. Since every button has a unique Final URL and a Smart Campaign linked to it, we're having a hard time coming up with other alternatives.


      We'd appreciate any suggestions on other approaches.


      Thanks in advance.