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Does anyone use TargetX CRM Event Registration with Marketo?

Question asked by 592ffc5ccb010550f8573083284a6fb9bec283e6 on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by 592ffc5ccb010550f8573083284a6fb9bec283e6

We're in our second year of using Marketo. We've successfully integrated our TargetX instance of Salesforce with our Marketo instance for our leads/contacts/accounts. However, we're hitting a roadblock when it comes to event registrations. We'd like people to register in Marketo for our open houses, as the ability to track the ROI on our investment is pivotal and the use of one form (not possible with other solutions) is appealing. However, we have established use of the event registration module in TargetX/SFDC by the majority of our units. How does your institution handle events? Is there an integration you've developed that allows Marketo to update the event registration module in TargetX?