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    Changing template on an existing email

    Lisa Edington

      Hey Marketo folks, I'm an experienced Eloqua and ExactTarget (SF Mktg Cloud) user and I love the way you could change the template associated with an email, even after the email has been created. Looking for that functionality in Marketo, but it's not jumping out at me. This is very helpful when you're creating emails and you decide you'd like to move to a different template format because of changes, edits, re-direction, etc. Does anyone know if/how it can be done?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Lisa,


          This cannot be done in Marketo, unfortunately. This one of the most requested features listed here: Just do it! Marketo so-called minor missing features and in the whole community.


          And BtW, this is also true for landing pages.



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            Jenn DiMaria

            What Greg says is correct; however, if this is something that happens frequently, I would recommend tokenizing all your email templates so the content auto-populates. This would allow you to add an email template to any program without editing all the content. Local tokens are great for scalability, as well, and save lots of time.


            See this post for more information: Marketo Tokens: Ins and Outs

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              Randy Davis

              This becomes extremely critical as we move into support of GDPR, which may require template changes at the code level, and so tokenization will not work. We need to convert all EU GDPR country landing pages to support explicit cookie acceptance for both Munchkin and Google Analytics, and we are doing this by adding explicit cookie acceptance script for those countires. Without the ability to change which template a landing page is using, we will have to re-create each landing page, and re-direct from the old landing pages to the new ones. A major pain.


              Unfortunately, Marketo does not accept responsibility for making things like this easy on its customers, instead pushing this work off on them. Just like they refuse to accept responsibility for creating email templates that play well with Outlook, the most-used email app in the world.


              Oh well, off to the rock pile we go...once more.