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    email blast report - performance of each lead


      I need your help with something: I’ve created an email blast to a lot of leads. I want to see the performance of each lead, for example: list of all the leads that opened the e-mail, list of all the leads that clicked the e-mail, etc.

      I can’t find a simple report that present the info easily – I thought “Lead Performance” will do the job, but it doesn’t.

      The summary (Email Performance) report give only the stats. The view results (https://docs.marketo.com/display/public/DOCS/View+Email+Program+Results), isn’t helpful because it will require to use a lot of work in excel.

      The only option I thought is to create smart lists – for open, clicked, etc.; but I’m sure there is a simpler way to do it.

      I also viewed the Report Types, https://docs.marketo.com/display/public/DOCS/Report+Types, but no help there as well.

      Any suggestions?