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    Known lead not showing in RTP segment

    Grégoire Michel

      Dear RTP specialists,


      In order to test RTP, we have created a http://rtp.inficiences.com  demo web site and an "Education" RTP segment with the following settings:


      Now, we have a lead with the following value (Industry = Education & Executive Education)


      This lead has been navigating to our http://rtp.inficiences.com demo web site, on which we are testing RTP and on which the RTP tags are set up. It also has filled out a Marketo embedded form on this site.

      And yet, the lead does not appear in the Education segment. In the same time, we have set another segment call rtp visitors

      And our lead does show up in this segment...


      I have tried the navigation scenario from a cookie-clean browser, to no avail...


      What are we missing ?