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    Form field labels - does Marketo not support "best practices"?

    Jennifer Bonacci

      Hi, everyone.


      I have been tasked to research and implement form templates for my team based on best practices/empirical evidence (which I have). Some of my colleagues here believe that what Marketo has rolled out (Forms 2.0) is based on best practices and that since Marketo is a power player in the field, we just need to look to their form options/designs.


      However - I have found numerous docs that state the best locations for form field labels are on the top or to the left. (Marketo offers those *and* inline form labels.)

      In addition (and I saw another user asked this and got a response) although there is a solution, there is no apparent way to put a checkbox to the left of a form label while all of the other form fields (in this particualr form) have labels to the left.


      My questions:

      1. Is everything Marketo presents us to be taken as the first and last word on the subject?

      2. Are some of Marketo's features based more on client desire than best practice (only offering form labels to the left or on top vs inside the form field)


      (If anyone is interested in where I have found my best practices supporting documentation, I can supply that)


      Thank you,