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Using Marketo for Events

Question asked by c7da4d4d4d6591d87b2aaeb6741ccd603a0eb292 on May 27, 2016

Hi all!


I'd love to pick your brain and start a conversation around a new use of Marketo: events. I am curious to know what possibilities you see in this and how you can imagine using live engagement data throughout marketing programs all year round. The company I run Marketo for, DoubleDutch, makes mobile event platforms that can now sync attendee data from an event app over to Marketo (the app used at Marketing Nation is powered by us!).


DoubleDutch is hosting a  half-day event to discuss "Live Engagement Marketing" in Chicago on June 7th. In addition to networking and learning, we will be demoing the integration and using trigger campaigns in real-time based on attendee in-app actions the first time in Europe. You can register for free here or learn more about previous events here.

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