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Sending a welcome email on Closed Won

Question asked by 47379 on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by cf6e74f923461f259f8545a45b947aa7b1c66503
We're working on a customer Marketing initiative to automatically send messages based on actions. We'll send different messages based on how our customers use our product, but before getting complicated, I need help on the first step.

We'd like to send a "welcome" email as soon as a customer is marked "Closed Won" in The trigger seems to be the easy part (Opportunity is Updated, Trigger is Won). 

How do I specify who gets the email?

My thoughts:
1. I'd like the primary contact (the person who signed the contract) to get the message. That's the only contact we have connected to the opportunity, but I can't see how I can specify who gets the message in the flow.
2. If I were to activate the campaign as-is, would every contact in the Account get the email?
3. If I can't send the email based on the contact that is part of the opportunity, then can I have the email send based on a field in the contact record? For instance, I have a field called "contact type" that lets us specify what role each contact plays in an account. Could I then specify to only send the email when a contact is marked "primary"?

TLDR; Trying to send an email only to specific contacts as soon as an opportunity is closed. 

All ideas are appreciated. Thanks!