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    Sending a welcome email on Closed Won

      We're working on a customer Marketing initiative to automatically send messages based on actions. We'll send different messages based on how our customers use our product, but before getting complicated, I need help on the first step.

      We'd like to send a "welcome" email as soon as a customer is marked "Closed Won" in salesforce.com. The trigger seems to be the easy part (Opportunity is Updated, Trigger is Won). 

      How do I specify who gets the email?

      My thoughts:
      1. I'd like the primary contact (the person who signed the contract) to get the message. That's the only contact we have connected to the salesforce.com opportunity, but I can't see how I can specify who gets the message in the flow.
      2. If I were to activate the campaign as-is, would every contact in the Account get the email?
      3. If I can't send the email based on the contact that is part of the opportunity, then can I have the email send based on a field in the contact record? For instance, I have a field called "contact type" that lets us specify what role each contact plays in an account. Could I then specify to only send the email when a contact is marked "primary"?

      TLDR; Trying to send an email only to specific contacts as soon as an opportunity is closed. 

      All ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
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          Hi Nathan - Good questions.  Remember that Marketo is contact centric.  For any opportunity-driven activity to occur, the contact(s) must be added to the opportunity.  Marketo will not see any contacts who are associated with the account but not added to the opportunity (for the purposes of opportunity-triggered campaigns).  This means that only contacts added to the opportunity would receive your welcome emails.  However, this also means that every contact added to the opportunity will receive the emails.  If you only want to have specific opportunity contacts receive the emails there are three ways to do it

          1) Add a Designation like "PC" for primary contact into the contact's title, and then filter for job titles with "PC" in your campaign smart list
          2) Filter based on contact roles
          3) Create a custom field in your Salesforce.com contact record that is a checkbox that designates the contact as the primary contact and filter your smart list based on that checkbox.

          Hope this helps.

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            Thanks Danny. 

            So that actually should work perfectly for us. We only want to add a contact to an opportunity when they are the person signing the contract. Because of that, they're the exact person we want to email. That should work.