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    Email constraints in Engagement Program Casts

    Tom Liolios

      Hi all,


      I have a tricky question regarding an email to be sent in my engagement program.


      I have an email in an engagement stream, which I only want to send to people who did NOT get sent autoresponder 1 and 2.

      I am using a campaign in an engagement stream in order to send the email. The campaign allows me to define rules regarding who gets the engagement email.


      What would be the best way to tell my engagement program that I only send the engagement email if leads did not get either one of the 2 autoresponder emails?


      See a screenshot below for the flow step I currently have in place. This flow steps says: Only send the engagement email to leads who did not get sent one of 2 emails.

      I am concerned about the "one of 2 emails" part. I am afraid that this means: if lead did not get autoresponder 1, but did get sent autoresponder 2, he will still receive the engagement email.


      screenshot email flow.PNG


      Are my concerns just? And how could I improve the flow step?


      Thanks a lot for your tips!


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          Grégoire Michel

          Set it up that way:

          Was sent email -> Email 1 or Email 2 --> do nothing

          default : send the nurturing email.


          But this means that the leads you exclude will receive nothing during the cast


          So, one way to automatically skip some leads from this campaign is to make these leads a member of the program (using a chage program member status flow step), as soon as they are sent the autoresponder 1 or 2.



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              Tom Liolios

              Thanks Grégroire! That is a good tip!

              Then if autoresponder 1 or 2 was sent to the lead, the engagement email is not sent. That is indeed what I want.


              You are correct that in this cast, they will not receive an email. Instead of having to wait a week for the next cast, I would indeed like them to move to the next content right away.


              Just for my understanding, you are advising that all leads who receive these autoresponders should become a member of the program that is nested within my engagement program?


              So: Lead downloads Whitepaper --> smart campaign of whitepaper program sends autoresponder --> smart campaign also makes the lead a member of the program within the engagement program. So this will ensure that the lead skips the first email in the engagement stream, and right away receives the next content?


              Thanks again!

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              Jim Thao

              This acts as an "OR" so your concerns are just.


              What this means is, if a record was not sent 1 "OR" 2, they should be sent the email.


              To answer your question directly, if the record was not sent autoresponder 1 and was sent autoresponder 2, they will qualify for Choice 1 and therefore be sent the email.


              Is there a caveat to filtering out these records in the smart list before they make it to the flow?