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I need to be able to setup a view in either SFDC or MKTO of specific Interesting Moment, not just "Last" Interesting Moment - any ideas?

Question asked by 2e0d582fc6df1301ebe06243c60ef6c51a6bc9fd on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by Jessica Kao

Hello SF MUGsters


Is there a hack for viewing Interesting Moments that aren't the last interesting moment?

I want my sales team to be able to see leads who fill out forms to download content -but in Sales Insight and SFDC we only have the option for the (very) Last Interesting Moment(s).


What's happening is that our leads are filling out forms, then clicking on all kinds of things - those further clicks replace the form fill as the Last interesting moment.  In Sales Insight  - it's all about the Last, not just "an" interesting moment.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts,